The real estate industry has been anticipating a disruptor for some time, where analysts and enthusiasts have been looking around every corner to jump ahead of the next big change. But has the change already taken place? Are we looking in the right direction? Or has it been under our nose for some time… Recent media release on Medianet highlights Propify as a possible change agent, the story below.

Propify, an Australian start-up, aims to transform the property marketing process with its game-changing social media marketing solution for real estate. Developed in Australia with offices in California, Propify takes aim at the $13 billion USD property marketing industry.

Propify’s objective is to fill a gap in the property marketing space by providing a service for the real estate agent to promote their own individual properties throughout the social media sphere, which Propify believes is currently under serviced.

Social media marketing is growing extensively and now requires consistent management and monitoring. Realising real estate agencies do not have the necessary time and resources required to invest in further management of [individual] properties on social media, Propify simplifies the all-encompassing social media, search engine & content marketing processes.

“Propify increases the efficiency of publishing a property socially and makes it easy for the real estate agent to sell more and gain more prospective clients. We provide a single-list alternative to market individual property listings on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and Google Plus. List once, not 6 times”, says Propify Managing Director Stephen Sharry.

Not only does Propify increase the marketing efficiencies of a real estate office, the service’s main goal is to increase the online presence of a property listing and the real estate agent, office & brand.

“Whilst the Propify process does assist with an agent’s own social media presence, we aim to promote the property first”, says Sharry. Propify promotes the property listing, accessing the ideal audience to sell the property more quickly and for more. “Of course there are other PR agencies out there that help a real estate agent or agency with their own social media management presence, however, no other product or service exists that aims to promote the property first”, he adds.

Propify claims that with its marketing solution, it can publish a property listing via social media and search engines, reaching the many billion Internet users per day.

“We are all property consumers. Just because I am not looking to buy right now, does not mean I will not consider it”, says Sharry. “Contrary to popular belief, the decision to buy a property is not made at the real estate websites. The decision to buy, rent or sell can be a sporadic one and if you are not in front of the property consumer right then, you miss out”.

Propify publishes property listings via its key social media platforms and search engines like Google & Bing/Yahoo. Its goal is to be where the property consumers are, in their natural environment, during their normal and comfortable Internet usage habits.

To find out more about Propify and its services, visit

See the full article on Medianet


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