While there are several industries and sectors that might have been disrupted by the advent of technology (photography, travel, jobs to name a few), for the most part, the real estate industry mostly remains unchanged. We still buy and sell property the same way we did 30 years ago. Albeit, we may search for them differently, we still partake in conveyancers and escrow. There are a few changes on the horizon for technology disruptions, we take a look at what we think 2018 may have installed for the real estate industry as a whole.

The property industry in its entirety is witnessing the creation of tremendous applications of high-end technology affecting all realms of life. From smart homes to attractive investment opportunities, the application of technology in the real estate is, and has been a great success. There are various technology companies that facilitate investment, buying and selling activities and many are attracting millions in the venture capital.

Going by the trend, here are some of the possible real estate technology winners of 2018:

  • Propify: An Australian startup operating in the US – Propify aims to transform the process of property marketing with its advanced social media marketing solutions to the real estate participants. There is no denying the importance of social media for any online business. When it comes to the real estate, several buyers and sellers worldwide are relying on the different social media channels to make some profitable dealings in the real estate. Propify simplifies the process of social media marketing for the real estate participants along with its search engine and content marketing process.

With the help of Propify, the real estate players can increase the efficiency of publishing a property up for sale on the different social media platforms. As a result, this boosts the social awareness and might enhance the chances of getting more conversions for your real estate business. As per the claims of Propify, the marketing solutions offered by it can help in the publishing of a detailed property listing through the social media as well as search engines. As a result, this listing can reach billions, globally in a single day.

  • TrouDigital: Get smart property projection by TrouDigital. This real estate technology provider offers a digital solution for the real estate agencies to enable the installation of screens for making advanced advertisements. Through the latest innovation of Smart Property Projection, the real estate companies can showcase their properties that generate the “wow factor”. This cost-effective technological application for the real estate industry serves as a magical projection film. This material offered by TrouDigital is capable of covering a larger portion of the agency window for advertising one’s real estate business.

Coupled with digital signage solution, the real estate agencies can display attractive, head-turning property ads or messages in a larger window using some in-house projector. This innovative technique is highly promising and definitely a runner-up for being one of the most revolutionary technological implications for the real estate businesses.

  • Zillow: This has been the name of successful real estate technology for many years and it worthy of our mention. With more than millions of unique users, Zillow Group (now with it’s acquired asset Trulia) is aimed at boosting the shareholder value for specialized investors. Zillow serves as a lucrative media company that helps the real estate agencies list relatively cost-effectively by generating large revenues through the sale of real estate advertisements on its official site. Zillow contains the database of several million global real estate properties and houses to be viewed by the buyers.

Zillow’s fine track record of acquiring quality assets means it is one to watch in 2018. In addition to this, it also offers various specialized features like the value changes of individual homes in a particular time frame, comparable prices of homes & properties in a given area, aerial view of the real-time properties, and so many more. While offering information on public data, Zillow also unveils significant property information like square footage, the number of bathrooms, bedrooms, and so on. Not to forget the ever so attractive Zestimate® tool (where users are also able to get a current price estimate of properties & homes in case of any significant changes).

  • Compass: Everyone wants to get an in-depth idea of the particular place they have in mind. Compass helps you with the same by offering its high-end technology matching which helps buyers find the right property. Compass aims to pair the leading experts of the real estate industry with top-notch technology in order to make the real estate searching and selling a seamless experience.

We have reported on Compass previously, during its startup phase and subsequent growth years. We thought it important to revisit Compass, as 2018 could well be the year for them. As an innovative real estate firm, Compass aims to empower its agents such that they can advertise their offering in a detailed manner. It also offers a solution-driven mindset to the real estate startups and thus, helps them progress in the highly competitive industry. Compass serves as a high-end tech company that aims to reinvent the real estate space with the help of the smartest tools that aim to simplify the processes of engineering, design, and strategy in the real estate industry.

  • Blockman: This real estate technological application offers a complete range of software solutions to the real estate players that help in the management of the accounts and administration of apartment blocks and similar property developments. This serves as an effective web-based software which makes use of the cloud computing technology for the real estate agents involved in the efficient management of blocks or apartments. With specialized services like real estate administration, financial, and add-on features; Blockman aims to revolutionize the real estate industries through high-end technological applications.

Myblockman is an online area offered by Blockman for the real estate agencies for securely viewing the ground rent accounts and service charge online. The users can download important documents like budget, audited accounts, house rules, leases, and so more with much ease.

With the help of these specialized real estate technological applications, real estate players can add real value and boost their real estate business. As technology continues to become an integral part of the daily lives of people worldwide, the implications of the same in the real estate business will enhance the overall industry. It is, thus, time for fresh entries in the real estate industry to adopt technologies that appear highly promising in the upcoming times.



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