As soon as Amazon announced its to the launch a second headquarters in North America, cities across the nation began presenting a preferable platform on the pretext of making Amazon their home company. All cities had good, viable reasons for an Amazon plead. With an expected annual investment of $5 billion which adds up to 50,000 new lucrative job options with the average salaries being all in 6-figures – it is understandable why any city would care for these transformational investments.

As such, Orange County and several of its luminaries are highly optimistic about the possibility of Amazon HQ2 moving in the province. With the likes of Corelogic and Entrepreneur Magazine setting up shop in Orange Country, it is no wonder the County and their respective luminaries have started mobilizing efforts toward submitting a bid to lure the retail giant to the community.

The introduction of a world-class technology headquarters is exactly what Orange County needs for its major step towards the economic, social, and cultural evolution of the community.

There are several reasons for why Orange County would be considered a perfect ground for the next headquarters of the global retail giant. In spite of the immense optimism, there are several critics who believe that Orange County might not be able to measure up the challenge. In a recent report in the New York Times, it listed various other regions of Southern California being the potential locations for the Amazon Headquarters, it did not mention Orange County.

For those who are unaware of the Orange County community, some plainly consider it a part of Los Angeles. Many a time, Orange County is incorrectly labelled as a suburb of Los Angeles. However, more workers tend to commute from Los Angeles to Orange County than the other way round. This is because the job market in Orange County is preferably better than Los Angeles. The unemployment rate in Orange County is less in comparison to Los Angeles as per the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

There is no denying the fact that the population, mythology, and media market of Los Angeles achieves the majority of global attention. However, Orange County with around 3 million of its residents is no lesser. If Orange County was considered to be an independent country and economy, then it would rank as the 45th largest economy in the world. It has a gross county product of more than $200 billion. Similarly, if Orange County would have been an independent state, then it would have ranked 29th most populous.

Even in terms of business environment, the hosting of the 2nd Headquarters of Amazon in Orange County makes a lot of sense. In addition to the economy, it is also the workforce in the County which makes it a preferable option to set up the headquarters. Orange County stands middle as one of the country’s hubs for the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) graduates. Even Geography in the County makes it a potential hub for major recruitments anywhere across Southern California, from Los Angeles to San Diego and even the Inland Empire.

The hub of Orange County is responsible for producing over 30,000 STEM bachelor’s & graduates degrees on an annual basis. The County is also tied visually with the Tri-State New York-New Jersey-Connecticut metropolitan area as being the topmost spot in the United States. Orange County beats even Boston which stands 3rd with 17,000 graduates annually and the Silicon Valley standing 5th with 13,000 graduates annually.

Orange County also takes pride in employing over 5 times of the national average workforce in the field of medical equipment and supplying in the manufacturing section. Even after so many perks, individuals do not look forward to relocating to the Orange County for jobs. Most of the organizations and families come to the County as education here is spectacular. It is highly impressive that the County has achieved the topmost rankings in all the major educational institutions of higher education.

As both the education as well as the job markets in the Orange County continue to thrive, the main reason that individuals prefer this special place is due to the high quality of life. You can find a perfect balance of the live-work-play amenities. Even in terms of climatic conditions, the Orange County as ranked by the Agriculture Department of the United States consists of six climatic measures along with topography and water area that present the favourable living conditions. As per the ranking measure of the USDA, the natural amenity system of the Orange County is measured 8.74 which is the highest score until now.

Even in terms of professional sports, you can find the prominent names like the Anaheim Ducks, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, the corporate headquarters of the Los Angeles Chargers –all of these are present in the Orange County. You can also find the Los Angeles Rams with its training camp in the Orange County. Even the art scene here is enviable. It has risen to become one of the most major centres for art & culture in the nation.

It can be an understatement to regard Orange County as merely as a community. The County not only thinks big, it also establishes big figures & records. Afterall, Disneyland was created in Orange County. The life-saving medical device industry originated here. Electronic gaming innovators like the Blizzard Entertainment also originated in the County. With so many major players witnessing their rise in the Orange County, it would not be a complete surprise to welcome another global technology giant in the form of Amazon.

Will Amazon find a better haven for establishing its next headquarters in the United States, other than Orange County? We think not!


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