Propify, the Australian start-up behind the first real estate Blockchain marketing solution, will open its crowd sale at midnight Los Angeles time on December 14. The crowd sale is called a Pre-Contribution, where the company seeks investors to fund its future expansions by supplying its very own Ethereum backed currency called the REAL ESTATE token, a Bitcoin-style digital currency.

Propify has employed the same technology that underpins Bitcoin, called Blockchain to qualify and market real estate on a social media ecosystem, the company has named the No-Portal model.

Propify has made significant progress in the technology it calls revolutionary and game-changing. Propify is taking aim at the $13 Billion USD property marketing industry, where much of the marketing spend is targeted to online budgets.

The No-Portal model is achievable due to the work the company has invested into its Blockchain platform (the technology that makes Bitcoin possible). The Propify solution curates, qualifies and publishes real estate content via an ecosystem of platforms, one of which is unique to Propify.

To continue with its progress, Propify has created a crowd-sale to help achieve its goals of operations and fund further development. The sale is a pre-contribution whereby investors are able to purchase a limited amount of the Real Estate token by swapping for the Ethereum digital currency.

Propify gained the attention of many key investors of recent and assembled a high calibre team of property, media and marketing professionals. The company’s Managing Director, Stephen Sharry says “Blockchain is the biggest change in online processes the world has ever seen. Given the systems and processes already reliant on the Internet, Blockchain is the most significant and important change the world has ever seen and probably ever will see, specifically for property”.

“With the Propify solution, consumers are more easily able to find the property they are looking for and Realtors, agents & brokers are more easily able to connect with consumers and market their successes”, adds Sharry.

Not only does Propify employ the latest in technology to drive its platforms, content is delivered via a block explorer that utilises a social media user interface. “Consumers are tired of traditional real estate search experiences. Consumer research identifies that users are actively seeking a social media style interface to interact with search results.”

Propify has released its Pre-Contribution website at, counting down to its December 14th open date.

To take part, users will need to return to the website after midnight on December 14. A generous bonus offer is made available for early contributors, where an extra 25% is available from day one. For more detail, please visit


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