e Smart Home reigns supreme at the 2016 CES, and you can now control your Smart Home from your brand new Ford Mustang. Ford is partnering with Amazon to control your Smart Home connected devices, by connecting Ford’s Sync Connect & Amazon’s Echo. If a Mustang doesn’t interest you, you can also control your Smart Home from your fridge.

Samsung has unveiled it’s Smart Fridge, the product we have all been looking for (apparently). Fitted with a mega 21.5-inch display and packed with camera’s, the Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator comes at a whopping $5,000 USD and allows users to check the contents of the fridge whilst roaming the supermarket… “Do I need milk?”.

Another featured Smart Home device is another refrigerator, the LG Signature Fridge. It comes with another giant display, except this one’s translucent, a simple knock on the glass and it lets you see inside.

Samsung has also updated its robot vacuum, the Powerboat, which is now an app-enabled workhorse. They have beefed up vacuum performance and through employing the users Smartphone, the Powerboat becomes more user-controlled displaying a floorplan on the app.

The Smart Home is the new big thing, and companies are vying for your dollar. The market research firm Gartner, predicts the number of networked devices will surge to 25 billion units by 2020. This is up from about 900 million in 2009 and IDC research firm estimates the Internet of Things market will reach $3.04 trillion in that same year.

Sevenhugs, a company out of France is anticipating this trend, releasing a remote control for your home. Simply point the device at a light and control anything connected.

In conjunction with Bosch, Coldwell Banker presented the Smart Home exhibition, showcasing how a Smart Home can and will exist in the future.

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