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You Can Now Access 100% Of Buyer Enquiry, Not Just 25%


Propify, the company that keeps delivering innovative property technology has commenced accepting users to its widely anticipated social media management console. Real estate agents can now, for the first time, view the performance of their listings across all social media, from one central location.

“What we have created is a game changer, saving time and money by delivering a cost-effective self-service tool,” says Propify CEO, Joel Leslie. “Our all-encompassing management console reports on the success of listings from all social media, not just Facebook. We are also adding the ability to report on the performance of other platforms within the No-Portal ecosystem, like Brochure.Cloud, Google Search, YouTube and others,” he adds.

The company coined the term “No-Portal Marketing” which is now commonly used to reference marketing activities on platforms external to portals. “We originally saw opportunity in the market many years ago, whereby consumers do not just visit property portals to view properties for sale or real estate agents. We then uncovered research by the National Association of Realtors (NAR) in the US that spoke of just 25% of buyer enquiry stems from property portals, leaving 75% unaccounted for,” says Leslie.

Leslie knows what he is talking about. He formerly led the technology (Digital) of one of Australia’s premier real estate franchise groups, Raine & Horne, where in 2008, they became the first real estate company in the world to actively post properties to Facebook. “Back in 2008, it was a very different ecosystem, you couldn’t just post to social media like you do now, and Twitter was merely 2 years old. But we recognised very quickly the benefits of social media,” adds Leslie.

With Propify now accepting users to its Social Media Console, you can expect serious results from this property technology powerhouse. The company has also commenced testing of its worldwide real estate search Blockchain, providing the ability for users to find the ideal property and the right real estate agent, with the use of the company’s intuitive A.I. and stealthy user experience know-how.

“Our Blockchain is a real estate search Blockchain, it is the first global platform that is not a property portal and is not an MLS (Multi Listing Service). By employing Blockchain, it allows us to deliver unique property technology solutions. The Social Media Console is the first of many to come. Watch this space,” says Leslie.

To register and use the inexpensive solution, visit the company’s website at www.propify.online/.


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